Inspiring design represents the true essence of landscape architecture, balancing a strong sense of style with a highly functional layout.

With a deep understanding of plants and space-use design principles, we guide you to thoughtful solutions that provide lasting value.

Specializing in the creation of custom residential landscapes that reflect your unique lifestyle.


Lasting Value

A successful design creates spaces that are more than just a place—they become a destination, a unique and personal sanctuary to enjoy and celebrate for years to come.

Innovative Design

We bring a fresh and innovative perspective to each project to enhance and broaden your experience of the space.

Collaborative Design Process

By listening closely to our clients, we translate your goals into a broader vision that reflects your unique lifestyle.

We create designs that integrate your needs, desires, and expectations with site-specific challenges and opportunities.

Style, Function, & Sustainability

Exceptional design brings a sense of harmony to your project so you may experience delight, beauty and security while sustaining the health of the natural world.

No matter what the project size, it is important to create a balance between aesthetics, function, and a sense of lightness on the land.

We bring together the following components of design excellence into every project:

  • Balance
  • Color
  • Context
  • Contrast
  • Emphasis/Focus
  • Form
  • Harmony
  • Motion
  • Pattern
  • Proximity
  • Rhythm
  • Scent
  • Size
  • Sound
  • Space
  • Texture
  • Unity

Site Specific

We pay attention to how you plan to use your property and offer solutions unique to Southern California:

  • Micro-Climate Analysis: Appropriate plant selections that thrive with minimal maintenance
  • Native and Adaptive Plants to reduce water use (without looking like a desert)
  • Plants to Tolerate and Thrive in Coastal Conditions
  • Land mass assessment for solutions that our work with your land
  • Sustainable material choices such as permeable surfaces to reduce water run-off
  • Defensible space for fire safety
  • Best Management Practices for Erosion Control

Lighting Design for Ambiance and Energy Conservation

Experience = Value

In design, experience counts. With over 35 years of experience, we know what works.  Capitalizing on this efficiency, we bring an innovative perspective for a unique blend of functional style.