Our Firm

As a landscape architecture firm with over 40 years of experience, we specialize in creating custom exteriors that are elegantly simple, beautifully functional, and appropriately styled for the specific characteristics of each project.

As landscape architects, our primary objective is to enhance the user experience through thoughtful, inspirational designs. By creating spaces tailored to the unique needs of the client, we listen carefully in order to design spaces that are functional, elegant, site specific, and innovative. Our unique skills and expertise position us to bring people and ideas together, while being a voice for nature. Numerous awards are testimony to TFLA’s commitment to environmental stewardship, quality, and design excellence.

We bring a fresh and unique design aesthetic to every project for lasting value.  Contact us at (858) 459-8005 or jennifer@tf-la.com.

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Principal Landscape Architect, Founder

Todd Fry began his career with a love of plants and the design of spaces. Combining these passions with extensive world travel, his designs reflect unique ideas with longevity and nuance.  Todd’s extensive design, plant, and technical expertise ensure lasting value. Space-use planning and problem-solving define the core site planning solutions. Todd brings both aesthetic and practical knowledge to every project and is a master of innovation and design.

As founder of  TFLA, he has been active in landscape architecture, site planning, and urban design projects for over 40 years. He has a passion for specifying the right plant for the right place and has extensive first-hand experience with growing plants in a variety of micro-climates, field testing which plants do best in which specific settings.

Beyond his work at TFLA, Todd presents on topics such as “The History of Landscape Architecture,” “Custom Site Planning for Residential Projects,” and “Plant ID for Southern California.”

Todd has earned a reputation for professionalism, integrity, and artistry, reflecting the high level of quality he brings to every project.



Landscape Architect, LEED AP BD+C

Jennifer Phelps joined TFLA in 2001.  After graduating with honors from UC Berkeley with a degree in Architecture, she has worked in a variety of architectural and landscape architectural design settings. She combines her broad design experiences to synthesize and harmonize the relationship between the architecture, the built environment, and the landscape. With training in the Integrated Design Process (IDP), Jennifer recognizes the value of collaboration by integrating diverse perspectives into effective design solutions. She works closely with designers, architects, builders, and consultants throughout the process.

As a landscape architect, Jennifer’s primary focus is to develop innovative and practical design solutions that highlight the interconnection between natural and human systems. With a strong focus on sustainability, Jennifer specializes in water conservation measures, such as: lawn conversions, drought tolerant adaptive plant selections, and soil improvement techniques. She also consults on improving indoor air quality with extensive knowledge of low-emitting materials and strategies to eliminate carcinogens and pollutants from the indoor environment. She has been the head designer for LEED-certified projects and serves as a professional Design Coach for the San Diego County Water Authority’s award-winning program, “WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Series.” Jennifer gives presentations on sustainable, water-wise Southern California landscapes and consults with agencies on how to incorporate a more holistic approach to design.